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swiftpaws® is a health and lifestyle product for pets. It’s all about their enrichment and well-being. Pet owners, industry professionals, and most importantly the animals themselves LOVE swiftpaws.  The human is able to sit back and enjoy, while their best friend engages in an exhausting two-minute game of capture the flag.

The human controls the speed and direction of the flag as it moves around a series of pulleys. Pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes can benefit from engaging in a swiftpaws session.

Since swiftpaws is easy to set up and each session is only two minutes long, it’s perfect for people with busy schedules, mobility issues and those who just need a fun and quick way to engage in play and exercise with their dog.

The best part about swiftpaws is that our premium, made in the USA product creates a feeling of pride and satisfaction in our customers when they give their pets this rewarding game of activity, health, and happiness.


Meghan is a life-long animal lover with a passion for giving animals the best life they can have.  She has worked with dog behaviorists and trainers, collaborated with zoos on enrichment for cheetahs and other exotics, and has countless hours working with pets on the swiftpaws course. Now, she’s able to bring enrichment and fun to animals across the globe with swiftpaws, and no one knows how awesome it is to have swiftpaws in your own backyard like Meghan’s personal pups Pretzel, and Piper.

Pretzel is an 12 year old miniature pinscher. Meghan got him when he was a little under a year old and the two of them have had some amazing adventures together. From training and competing in Agility, to traveling by themselves on a three-month long charity tour for swiftpaws in 2013, these two have made lots of tracks together.

Piper is a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. She was pulled from a Miami-Dade shelter by the Southeast German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue in late 2017. She was tragically hit by a car and required a lot of medical care. Meghan was only supposed to be her foster mom (Meghan has fostered dogs for various organizations for over 4 years now and always tries to make the time to help dogs in need whenever she can) but as Piper made the slow road to recovery it was clear she had already worked her way into Meghan’s heart and home. It doesn’t hurt that Pretzel likes her, too! Piper is back in action now; she’s the sweetest, happiest pup and is expected to live a full life with little to no complications.

swift paws

John Ritter

John Ritter has a background in accounting, but his real strength lies in his ability to make things happen. He has an engineer’s mind and the ability to work at problems until a solution is found. He can pull off successful event after successful event, and dogs love him.

John grew up in Miami, FL. His childhood dog was an All-American Mutt (the best kind!) named Roofer. Roofer was a stocky dog that enjoyed swimming the waterways behind their house, pulling coconuts out of the water, and husking them with his teeth until he could break the coconut open. This tenacious dog left quite an impression on John, who knows just how important it is for all dogs to have an outlet to alleviate boredom and burn off energy.  It might not be possible for everyone to have waterways and coconuts in their backyards, but they can have swiftpaws!

John’s led a life full of adventure, from driving across glaciers on his motorcycle, to shifterkart racing, kiteboarding, and many more activities in-between. Soon you’ll be able to follow him as he tours across the country for swiftpaws, benefitting charitable animal organizations through fundraising events and the swiftpaws partners program. His unrelenting mission for swiftpaws is to bring the most benefit to animals in need by helping as many organizations as possible raise money and awareness for their cause.

John doesn’t currently have a dog of his own, but he considers every dog in need to be his responsibility to help, and he’s got no better way to do that than with swiftpaws! When he’s not working, he can be found playing the piano, cooking gourmet-level meals, or being your average, friendly, everyday hero. Sorry ladies, he’s also happily married.

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"Super excited to partner with you guys again this year! Thanks for bringing the fun and helping homeless animals!"

Charleston Animal Society

"Seuss loves it! She gets so much energy out and has so much fun."

Brittany in FL Customer

"We had no idea that our nearly 7 year old girl still had so much chase in her! Thanks!"

Kimberly in SC Customer