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How to Use SwiftPaws



Charge & Set Up

All SwiftPaws products are sold as a kit and have everything you need in the box.



Control the Action

With SwiftPaws, you’re in control of the speed and direction of the flag.



Bond & Have Fun

Play & bond with your pup! And yes, catching the flag is part of the fun!

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Customers Love SwiftPaws

Thousands of pups nationwide give us two paws up!  When you use SwiftPaws, you’re joining a community of passionate pup parents who want the best for their furry family members.

In addition to making an impact on the health and wellness of pups, we are making a big difference in our local community as well. We’re dedicated to keeping as much of the team and product assembly as local as possible – a simple way to give back to the community that offered so much support for SwiftPaws.

Healthy Exercise for Pups
Playing with SwiftPaws is a great way to give your pup the mental & physical exercise they need and deserve! Over 50% of all dogs in the USA are overweight. This means, on average, these pups have a lifespan that is two and a half years shorter than pups who maintain a healthy weight.

Playing with SwiftPaws for just a couple minutes gives your pup a fun outlet for their energy and can also help reduce destructive behaviors that can arise from boredom.

We Set the Bar for Safety
We take safety seriously here at SwiftPaws. Please check with your veterinarian before using SwiftPaws for the first time to make sure your pup is up to this kind of activity. YOU are also a safety feature!
Every pet has a different level of fitness, so it’s important to always watch your pet for signs of getting hot or tired. Your pet will LOVE this game, so it’s up to you to decide when it’s time for a break.

Loving Pup Parents

Perfect for any backyard for the enrichment of any pup of any skill level


Perfect for multiple pups, faster breeds or competitors practicing at home


We offer professional grade equipment perfect for businesses & events

Enrichment For Any Pup

As pup parents, it’s our job to keep our furry family members happy & healthy. Just like humans, pups need to keep their minds and bodies active. Daily exercise can help address issues such as pet obesity and destructive behaviors that can be triggered by boredom. SwiftPaws is a novel type of enrichment that offers a great way to give your pup both mental & physical exercise all while having fun!

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Belle finally getting to play with her @swiftpaws_official Lure Course
Photo: @misilot

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Sheer happiness. Sheer exhaustion. Post @swiftpaws_official lure coursing. Happy t👅t, 🐶s!
Photo: @mrboosheltie

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Oreo LOVES @swiftpaws_official #lurechasing ! 🐾 This service is GREAT for those dogs with #highpreydrive and who need some extra #exercise time. 🐾
Photo: @meow.bark.and.board

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Out with our @swiftpaws_official today. So much fun!
Photo: @kali_and_buster

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Kovu earned his RUNN title!

Photo: @aluestandardpoodles

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA


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