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swiftpaws is a product that you can put in your own backyard to help give your pet their best life - even when yours is busy.

Tap into your dog’s natural instinct to chase.


Remote controlled, rechargeable batteries, variable speed and direction allow you to play anywhere, even indoors.

Swift paws is a premium, made in the USA product with over 5 years of leadership in the industry.


Are you a dog trainer, doggie day care, pet professional, or charitable organization?

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More about SwiftPaws Lure Coursing Equipment:

SwiftPaws is a manufacturer of patent pending lure coursing equipment and machines with over 5 years of experience in the industry. From operating FAST CAT events for AKC clubs and running lure course events nationwide to selling commercial lure coursing equipment, SwiftPaws has become a trusted brand for lure coursing equipment for both sighthounds and all breeds, clubs, trainers, and other professionals alike in the industry. SwiftPaws' recent launch of their third-generation lineup of lure chasing equipment debuted with their flagship SwiftPaws version for the backyard. Commercial/professional versions of third-generation SwiftPaws lure coursing equipment will be available for pre-order soon.