swiftpaws for Home

After over 5 years in the industry, SwiftPaws is proud to introduce their new backyard version that is a professional, easy to use, safe lure coursing machine that can be setup in any backyard or even indoors.

SwiftPaws for the Home

SwiftPaws backyard version was initially launched on Kickstarter, where it became an overnight success, literally hitting their funding goal in less than 24 hours. Watch their introductory video from the Kickstarter campaign and see for yourself why it received so much attention!

“Everywhere we go people and their dogs have an absolute blast with SwiftPaws. We’re always being asked if there’s a version for people to put in their own backyards, and now there is!” – Meghan Wolfgram, founder and co-owner of SwiftPaws

This new product, like of all SwiftPaws lure coursing equipment, is made in the USA. It is also the flagship product of their 3 rd generation lineup of lure coursing machines. It truly opens up a whole new world of possibilites!

Here are the specs on SwiftPaws for the Backyard:
-Variable speed (up to 30mph)
-Course lengths of about 200 feet
-Remote controlled & rechargeable battery

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There are also quite a few built-in special features. These features are for safety and convenience.

With built in safety features and quality materials made to last, this great toy is a must-have for any pet-owner with a dog (or cat!) that loves to chase. Order SwiftPaws for your backyard here.