Swiftpaws Faq

swiftpaws FAQ

What is SwiftPaws?

SwiftPaws is the premier lure coursing system sold for dogs on the market today.

Can any dog use SwiftPaws?

Yes! Most dogs love lure courses and gain valuable exercise that can also help with behavior.

What are the flags made of?

Flags (also known as lures) are made from plastic bags! You can replace this with any fabric, strips of faux fur, or even feathers!

How long does a unit last?

All of our units are incredibly durable and built to last! Additionally, should a part wear out it is easy to replace. We designed all of our components to be universal so you can enjoy your SwiftPaws with your pet for years to come!

Any dog, large or small, can enjoy exercising with SwiftPaws

How long should my dog use SwiftPaws?

We generally find that play sessions last no longer than 2 minutes. This can vary depending on the dog’s specific circumstances (age, fitness level, health). That said, we ALWAYS recommend taking your dog to your veterinarian before introducing them to SwiftPaws to make sure they get the “green light” to play such an active game!

Can my cat use SwiftPaws?

Absolutely! Cats and other animals love SwiftPaws and experience many of the same benefits as dogs do.

Can I start my own SwiftPaws business or add SwiftPaws to my business?

Yes. We sell commercial versions of our units that are designed for businesses. Have more questions? Give us a call or contact us for more information.
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