The swiftpaws Story


Since 2012 SwiftPaws has been making equipment to enrich the lives of animals. Although the emphasis is on dogs, SwiftPaws quickly caught on as a way to provide enrichment and is even used in zoos for cheetahs, birds of prey, and other animals!

For five years SwiftPaws made and sold commercial equipment to the likes of dog trainers, dog daycares, charitable organizations, clubs, and zoos and entertained thousands of dogs at events across the country.
Everyone who tried SwiftPaws asked for a version that they could buy for their own backyard. After a very successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2018, SwiftPaws developed, produced, and completely sold out of the first round of backyard kits!
SwiftPaws has effectively created a vacuum of demand for a product that didn’t exist prior to its launch – and is now moving into the next round of production and beyond.

Meghan Wolfgram

Meghan is a Brevard County native and life-long animal lover with a passion for giving animals the best life they can have. After graduating cum laude with a degree in economics from DePauw University in 2011, she moved home, built the first machine with the help of her dad over the summer, started running monthly events in her community for people and their dogs that same fall, founded SwiftPaws a few months later, and hasn’t looked back since. She can be reached at