SwiftPaws is proudly Made in Brevard County, Florida

A whole lot of love goes into making SwiftPaws. From materials, to assembly, packaging, and fulfillment, we’re proud to take socially and environmentally conscious actions wherever possible. We believe relationships and people matter, which is why we work with some of the best local resources Brevard County has to offer. Additionally, our flagship product, SwiftPaws Home is 100% assembled, packaged, and fulfilled in Brevard County, Florida.

Organizations We Work With

Brevard Achievement Center

The mission of Brevard Achievement Center is to provide persons with disabilities innovative services and opportunities to achieve personal success. All of SwiftPaws pulleys are proudly assembled by a person with a disability.

Givr Packaging

Givr Packaging is dedicated to providing cost-effective, sustainable packaging to customers all across North America. All of the tree fiber used in Givr’s boxes is replaced 20 fold with Native tree planting both domestic and abroad. To say that another way, every tree used to make these boxes plants 20 in its place. Givr calls that #NetPositivePackaging. Follow Givr on social media @GivrPack

DSS Custom

DSS Custom is a privately owned small business in Malabar, FL. Their dedicated team provides flexible and local assembly, packaging, and fulfillment services for SwiftPaws.

Conduction Technologies

Conduction Technologies is an engineering team that specializes in the development of products with embedded electronics and software. Their team has been involved in the design, development, testing, and production of dozens of products, including SwiftPaws Home!

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Belle finally getting to play with her @swiftpaws_official Lure Course
Photo: @misilot

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Sheer happiness. Sheer exhaustion. Post @swiftpaws_official lure coursing. Happy tšŸ‘…t, šŸ¶s!
Photo: @mrboosheltie

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Oreo LOVES @swiftpaws_official #lurechasing ! šŸ¾ This service is GREAT for those dogs with #highpreydrive and who need some extra #exercise time. šŸ¾
Photo: @meow.bark.and.board

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Out with our @swiftpaws_official today. So much fun!
Photo: @kali_and_buster

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Kovu earned his RUNN title!

Photo: @aluestandardpoodles

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

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