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Introducing your Pet to SwiftPaws for the First Time

The SwiftPaws team does a number of events where pets can try out SwiftPaws, most of these pets have never seen anything like this before. Here’s the steps we use to introduce a pet to SwiftPaws:
1. Take your pet into the center of the course, so the flag will be going around you when you start running.
2. Hold onto your pet so you’re ready to release them, but DON’T release them quite yet!
3. Gently restrain your pet and start to move the flag, you can go back and forth, start and stop, or even go all the way around.
4. Once your pet is showing interest in the flag, that’s the best time to release them and encourage them. You can praise them, or say go get it!
If your pet doesn’t “take” to SwiftPaws right away don’t despair! Some pets take a little longer to get comfortable and start chasing. It’s important not to pressure them to do it, and if they want to go sniff the pulleys/machine/flag and are timid at first, DON’T move anything while they are doing this! You could risk scaring your pet and if they’re afraid of it they certainly won’t chase it!

A couple notes and tips:

Knot & Flag Tying

Opening the Lid & Battery Cover

Stakes & Tethers

Line Tension

Replacing the Remote Controller Battery

Owner’s FAQ:

Read the Welcome Booklet! Seriously, it has some really important (and helpful!) information for you. You can also download the most up-to-date version of the booklet on this page.

Not quite! Before setting up and using SwiftPaws for the first time you must charge the battery included with your unit. PLEASE read the battery charging sheet (included in your Welcome Booklet) for information on how to properly do this.

The maximum course size that you can set up with SwiftPaws for home is limited by the motor's capabilities. We say "around 200-300 feet" because that's typically the size course you'll be able to set up. Under ideal conditions (indoors, or on level terrain, no tall grass etc.) you'll probably be able to go a little longer. Under less than ideal conditions that put tension or drag on the system (uneven terrain, tall grass etc.) you might have to make a smaller course.

NOTE: The machine is programmed to "stall" or stop running if it senses too much strain on the motor. If your unit won't run, keeps giving you an error tone and stopping, or runs slowly, you may have too much stress on the system and you can try to fix this by running with less tension or by making the course smaller.

SwiftPaws can be setup virtually anywhere that is safe for your pup to run. When setting up on uneven terrain or on a slope, it's important to try to keep the line at the right height (not dragging over a hill or rising up off the ground too far). You can adjust where your pulleys are located to find the right "fit".

The rechargeable battery that comes with your SwiftPaws will last for about 10 minutes of motor run-time (or about 12 play sessions). It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge with the included charger and should not be put on the charger if the battery is too hot or cold.

The battery should always be allowed to come to room-temperature before charging. Charging the battery in extreme heat or cold might delay charging or damage the battery/charger. For best results, try to charge the battery at temperatures between 50º and 80ºF (10º-30ºC).

We now have a new version of the remote controller. Please see the manual and video for operation instructions.

The new version does not require charging and the included installed battery should last 1-3 years. To change the battery, unscrew the two screws, remove the board and old battery, and replace it with a CR123A type battery (do NOT use rechargeable batteries). Please see this video on how to replace the battery.

SwiftPaws has a maximum speed of 30mph. The speed is variable, and you can control how slow or fast it goes with the remote controller.

One play session is the total length of time you interact with your pet using SwiftPaws. The remote controller is programmed to start a timer when you first start to play.  After 90 seconds (regardless of if you are actively running or not) it will vibrate and the light will turn RED.

NOTE: You can initiate a new session by pressing the button until the light turns green within 10 seconds, otherwise, it will turn off the controller. 

PLEASE NOTE: Every pet is unique, and not every pet should go the entire 90 seconds. The 90-second timer is simply a feature to remind you to give your pet a break. Always watch your pet for signs of fatigue. Your pet probably wont want to stop on their own so it's up to you to tell them when to take a break!

Yes! The tethers included with your SwiftPaws are designed with safety in mind. By using them to anchor the machine and pulleys you help protect your pet and the equipment.

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Belle finally getting to play with her @swiftpaws_official Lure Course
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Sheer happiness. Sheer exhaustion. Post @swiftpaws_official lure coursing. Happy t👅t, 🐶s!
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Oreo LOVES @swiftpaws_official #lurechasing ! 🐾 This service is GREAT for those dogs with #highpreydrive and who need some extra #exercise time. 🐾
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Kovu earned his RUNN title!

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