Do rescue dogs have birthdays? Yes!!

Do rescue dogs
have birthdays? Yes!!

August 1st is the universal birthday for shelter dogs. We are excited to kick off festivities this year by sponsoring a DOGust party at the largest no-kill, cage-free shelter in the United States: Big Dog Ranch Rescue!

Today we are donating a SwiftPaws Home unit to BDRR so that the more than 500 dogs and 100 puppies on campus can experience what it means to turn their “prey” drive into “play” drive. We’ve also partnered with Pixie’s Treats to craft a 3-tier organic pumpkin peanut butter donut cake and specialty treats to be enjoyed after the pups have received their workout for the day. 

These are the adoptable pups that were featured in the video (above)

Celebrate from home

To celebrate DOGust from home, be sure to join the SwiftPaws Community page on Facebook. Together, we will watch more adoptable BDRR pups run and eat cake. It all starts at 10AM ET. 

BDRR President and Founder, Lauree Simmons, says she is most passionate about serving as a first responder for dogs of all kinds. BDRR has rehabilitated and rehomed more than 43,000 furry friends. Like SwiftPaws, she says her team is deeply committed to helping dogs not just live — but live full and happy lives. 

“We serve primarily the whole southeastern United States,” Simmons said. “We are basically the lifeline for over 300 shelters that normally would have an 80 percent kill rate.” 

To help reduce shelter kill rates by more than half, BDRR hosts dozens of rehabilitation and outreach programs each year to ensure dogs of all kinds get connected to caring, loving humans like you. 

Recent rescue highlights include:

All of the pups running on the BDRR Doggie Play Cam today are available for adoption and need humans like US to help them find their forever home. You can help BDRR get pups adopted by sharing a link to this blog post and the doggie cam direct from the SwiftPaws Community page on Facebook. For more on how to support DOGust adoption efforts at BDRR, please visit and follow their initiatives on Facebook & Instagram

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