Virtual Summit

Canine Cabin Fever Virtual Summit

If your dogs are anything like our dogs, they may be a little sTiR cRaZy indoors today.

Isn’t it ironic that it’s National Canine Fitness Awareness Month and pups are in mandatory quarantine with their pet parents?

COVID times have been especially difficult for high energy pups in the SwiftPaws network like Teddy the Shichon (@TeddytheShichon). Our goal at SwiftPaws has always been to help every pet parent improve their pup’s mental and physical wellness (check out our flagship product here). We’re grateful to have a bit of extra time on our paws to collaborate with Teddy and dozens of other active, at-home pups on the development of a very special project.

Thanks to many fur friends around the globe, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our first-ever SwiftPaws Facebook Community Group! This community is a place where dogs share creative activities to take part in during Canine Fitness Awareness Month and every other day for that matter! The free, public group is designed for-dogs-by-dogs. Our daily contests, guest posts, activities, and polls are delivered from a unique pup-to-pup perspective.

As an example:

Teddy’s momager, Joanne, (she is a “mom-manager” or “momager” for friends outside-the-know) will help Teddy to lead a few group activities in preparation for the summit. That’s right, Joanne (human), will help Teddy (the Shichon pup) activate his social media account and type his daily opinions and contributions (because it’s hard to type with paws!).

Teddy will host a Canine Cabin Fever Virtual Summit with a few summit ambassadors this May. As part of the kickoff to this summit, we’ll announce a new mini-contest each day. Pups of all breeds are invited to join the new Facebook group at this link. We’re eager to invite e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to get active, get engaged, and go a little DoG CrAzY with the SwiftPaws Community.

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