Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts

Our Pack of Fame is made up of our earliest supporters.
Without them, SwiftPaws would not be where it is today, and for that, we will always be thankful!

Super Early Supporters:

Super Early Supporters:

Early Supporters:

OTHER Supporters:

Development Support

These companies below were instrumental to SwiftPaws in the development
and early stages, and some continue to provide their services to this day.

Meet Teddy

@TeddyTheShichon – SwiftPaws Quality Pawsurance Ambassador

My name is Teddy and I love to run! I especially love to chase the lure – and my pawrents take me to festivals every chance they get so I can pawticipate in lure events.

My lure-chasing life changed a year ago when my pawrents and I attended the 2018 South Florida Pet Expo and we met Meghan and tried out her SwiftPaws! We all fell in love with it and had to have one for ourselves. We immediately became SwiftPaws backers and then I was honored to be selected as their Quality Pawsurance Ambassador! We tested every piece of the unit and provided feedback for changes/improvements in use. I now have my very own lure course at home and can play anytime I’d like – in the house, out in the yard, even in the garage! And, when I run it outside, my dad sets up jumps and tunnels for me to keep things interesting and challenging.

SwiftPaws is pawsome! I know you’ll think so too!


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