Consumer vs. Pro-grade equipment

SwiftPaws Home

Designed for home use by individuals or for small-scale use by professionals like trainers or boarding facilities.

  • Retail Price - $389.99
  • Courses up to 300’
  • Speeds up to 30mph
  • Remote Control
  • 3 Corner Pulleys
  • Rechargeable Battery

SwiftPaws Pro

Designed for commercial use by zoos, clubs, competitive events, and large-scale events/operations.

  • Retail Price - $2,750.00
  • Courses up to 1000’ +
  • Speeds up to 70mph
  • Wired Control
  • 8 Corner Pulleys
  • Plugs into 120v AC Power
Rest assured knowing that ALL SwiftPaws products are designed to be high-quality, durable, and provide you with many years of fun!

swiftpaws faq

SwiftPaws is the premier lure coursing system sold for dogs on the market today.

Yes! Most dogs love lure courses and gain valuable exercise that can also help with behavior.

Flags (also known as lures) are made from plastic bags! You can replace this with any fabric, strips of faux fur, or even feathers!

All of our units are incredibly durable and built to last! Additionally, should a part wear out it is easy to replace. We designed all of our components to be universal so you can enjoy your SwiftPaws with your pet for years to come!

We generally find that play sessions last no longer than 2 minutes. This can vary depending on the dog’s specific circumstances (age, fitness level, health). That said, we ALWAYS recommend taking your dog to your veterinarian before introducing them to SwiftPaws to make sure they get the “green light” to play such an active game!

Absolutely! Cats and other animals love SwiftPaws and experience many of the same benefits as dogs do.

Yes. We sell commercial versions of our units that are designed for businesses. Have more questions? Give us a call or contact us for more information.


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Belle finally getting to play with her @swiftpaws_official Lure Course
Photo: @misilot

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Sheer happiness. Sheer exhaustion. Post @swiftpaws_official lure coursing. Happy t👅t, 🐶s!
Photo: @mrboosheltie

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Oreo LOVES @swiftpaws_official #lurechasing ! 🐾 This service is GREAT for those dogs with #highpreydrive and who need some extra #exercise time. 🐾
Photo: @meow.bark.and.board

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Out with our @swiftpaws_official today. So much fun!
Photo: @kali_and_buster

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

Kovu earned his RUNN title!

Photo: @aluestandardpoodles

#SwiftPaws | #MadeintheUSA

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